Time For A Re-Brand!

Yep – I’m back!

Wow … 2011 was my last post? Guess I gave up on WP far too easily. Especially now that I am helping my husband built websites on it! Why I didn’t return before now, I don’t know. Life, maybe? As sometimes happens … I’ve been busy with homeschooling my babies, working with my mother on a side-project, working with my husband on website design … Not to mention having weight loss surgery and dealing with the aftermath of that (that is coming in a later post).

So … here I am. Of course, the address for this page is going to change at some point, as I am no longer learning wordpress, but HAVE LEARNED it … LOL. And I will likely turn it into a full-fledged site complete with awesome pics, downloads and more. But for now … It’s going to be a journal of sorts. My Messy Life didn’t work out too well. Neither did Our Little Homeschool. Why? Because this one was always in my heart. SMB was my first blog ever, and it holds a special place in my heart. I guess, as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it …” Well … it wasn’t broke!

So what to expect on the new and improved SMB?

Lots of posts about my kids.
Lots of posts about my Faith.
Lots of posts about cleaning.
Struggles, joys, rants and raves, awesome products I love (non-sponsored), and maybe down the road some sponsored posts (nope. Not above pimping myself out).

I can’t promise a post a day. I can’t even really promise a post a week at this point, but I will post when I can, and hopefully entertain, inspire, and encourage someone along the way. And if it ends up being just for me … great. That’s fine too 🙂